Fed up paying champagne prices for thimblefuls of printer ink?

Man worried about ink cartridge billIt’s no secret that printer companies sell their printers at below cost and then extort money from owners by selling them expensive ink or toner. YES! CHAMPAGNE COSTS YOU LESS! ‘Cheap’ substitutes are not an answer, either…they either clog up your printer or the printer is programmed to nag you because they are not genuine. Or both! Blackbox printers are a unique solution to this problem and for the past few years have been saving schools and businesses ‘in the know’ at least 70% on colour printing costs. Not only that, they make life dramatically easier by reducing printer downtime waiting for those pesky cartridges or toner to be replaced.

A Blackbox printer is a brand new printer from a well-known manufacturer that has been cleverly adapted to deliver top quality inks from large reservoirs… Does that sound good to you?

  • No more cartridges or toner to buy
  • No more inferior refills that leave you fuming
  • A4, A3 and multifunction printers available
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • No more wasteful downtime
  • Comes with over £2,500 worth of colour and black ink built in
  • No grit-your-teeth-and-pay-every-month contracts!
  • Stop paying £££££s for thimbleful amounts of ink!
  • Just a one-off payment of £690–£904 + VAT, depending on model. Free delivery to mainland UK. Easy terms available

If you spend over £100 each and every month on ink cartridges or toner one of our new Blackbox inkjet printer/fax/copier/scanners or regular printers will quickly pay for itself. Begin making immediate savings of over 70% — savings that get bigger the more you print.

For example… The K5400 (below) is the classic Blackbox A4 printer that’s being used in tough classroom environments. It’s a colour printer that goes on and on and on printing at an extremely affordable rate.

K5400 A3 printer

Inside the black box on the left of the photo are four large, sealed reservoirs of ink that will constantly feed the print head. You do not need to worry about repeated changes of ink cartridge or the cost of them. You will need a little more space than usual to put your Blackbox printer on – the K5400 has a footprint of 76cm by 31cm. Even taking into account the £690+VAT price, the average business owning one of these can expect to save over £1,800 before a refill is necessary. And then the savings get even better!

If you want a multifunction printer/scanner/copier/fax for the office we have those too!

For example, the K8500A PRO multifunction printer/scanner/copier/fax (£810+VAT) has the same Blackbox ink-cost saving technology, which is great for offices where the printer is used frequently…

Blackbox multifunction copier/scanner

~ John, Boughton School ICT/Network Manager.

Just to tell you how fantastic the Black Box printer is! It doesn’t go wrong – no paper jams, no errors, it just works, and boy does it have to work. We print letters to go home in school book bags, they have got to be in colour to stand out and we print in batches of 400, lots of them.The printer did over 36,000 sheets before the black ran out. So far the cost per sheet of colour printing is 2.4p – how cheap is that! and the cost per sheet is still dropping. If you work out the costs just on the cost of ink – it works out at just a third of a pence per sheet. It is still on the original print heads. As the ink hardly ever needs changing there is no packaging and waste cartridges to deal with.

We tried a colour laser before we found Blackbox Inkwell and it was a nightmare, the cartridges were expensive, didn’t last long and then the printer died. However with the Blackbox printer the replacement inks are cheaper than laser toner cartridges and last six times longer.

I Love it – Thanks


~ Bursar, Batheaston Primary School

We have been extremely impressed by the Blackwell Inkjet printer which has a huge ink reservoir – not having to frequently replace ink cartridges has saved considerable time, money and hassle. The printer has over the last two years proved to be really reliable and economical, and we have always had excellent service from this company. Recommended!

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Need something bigger?

We can also supply A3 printers. Here’s the K8600 A3 printer at £848+VAT – great for school art rooms!
K8600 A3 printer

What about huge but quick print runs?

Massive print runs are possible with 5 or 10 ordinary printers using the Blackbox ink system and linked by our in-house software. If this arrangement would interest you, talk to us on 0845 519 6548!

Did we mention our system is eco-friendly?

A Blackbox printer will reduce your carbon footprint. Using one of our printers helps you become more eco-friendly by:

  • producing fewer waste by-products (toners, fusers, cartridges, packaging)
  • needing less frequent deliveries (time and vehicle miles saved)
  • wasting less paper (by being trouble free)
  • using 82% less electricity than laser printers


Greater efficiency for you

In addition, you will be more efficient owing to the less frequent ordering of those expensive cartridges or toner AND there is no cartridge or toner stock to go ‘walkies’ AND you will need to spend less time giving our workhorse printers technical support. Would you like to be more eco-friendly and efficient?

What happens when the ink runs out?

When the ink reservoirs in your Blackbox printer eventually run out you can order refills. Replacing the reservoirs is designed to be easy and non-messy to do yourself. It’s just a matter of removing the empty one, replacing it with the new and returning the old one to us for recycling. Your printer then becomes even more phenomenally cost-saving because you are not paying for our overhead costs of providing and adapting a new printer.

Our Warranty

We are so confident that you will love your Blackbox printer and the savings that it makes for you that if, during the first three months of ownership, you decide that it is not right for you for any reason, return it to us and we will refund the price plus carriage. Keep your old printer in a cupboard or use it elsewhere until you have put our printer to a thorough test. There is no risk to you to try a Blackbox printer!

Assuming you stick with your Blackbox printer, as we are sure you will, then during the first year of ownership we will repair or replace any faulty printer free of charge, including carriage. (Whether we repair or whether we replace it is at our discretion, but we will not leave you printer-less for a moment longer than possible.)

During the second and third years of your ownership we will repair or replace according to what is most appropriate. There will be a modest charge which we will agree with you in advance.

The sooner you order, the sooner you will start saving

To start lowering your office printing costs by 70% or more call us during office hours on 0800 043 1738. After hours? email hidden; JavaScript is required or submit an online form and we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.

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