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~ Testimonials from schools and businesses

Just to tell you how fantastic the Black Box printer is! It doesn’t go wrong – no paper jams, no errors, it just works, and boy does it have to work. We print letters to go home in school book bags, they have got to be in colour to stand out and we print in batches of 400, lots of them.The printer did over 36,000 sheets before the black ran out. So far the cost per sheet of colour printing is 2.4p – how cheap is that! and the cost per sheet is still dropping. If you work out the costs just on the cost of ink – it works out at just a third of a pence per sheet. It is still on the original print heads. As the ink hardly ever needs changing there is no packaging and waste cartridges to deal with.

Being a network printer, it was very easy to set up, being duplex it’s so versatile. It is so quick, kicking out the huge volumes of printing that we need in minutes not hours.

We tried a colour laser before we found Blackbox Inkwell and it was a nightmare, the cartridges were expensive, didn’t last long and then the printer died. However with the Blackbox printer the replacement inks are cheaper than laser toner cartridges and last six times longer.

I Love it – Thanks

~ John, Boughton School ICT/Network  Manager.


We have 2 Blackbox printers in our school  –  one in the staff room and one in the art room.They have been in use for nearly 2 years now and have given reliable service requiring little to no attention. So far we have not had to buy further ink, and they have saved my time supporting them and the school money on colour printing.

~ Peter B, ICT Manager St Lawrence School Bradford on Avon


We have been extremely impressed by the Blackwell Inkjet  printer which has a huge ink reservoir – not having to frequently replace ink cartridges has saved considerable time, money and hassle.  The printer has over the last two years proved to be really reliable and economical, and we have always had excellent service from this company.  Recommended!

~ Bursar, Batheaston Primary School


The Black Box has been reliable and has paid for itself twice over through the money saved on toners.  It’s perfect for bulk colour printing and the pupils use it to print out their work.  It’s so good, we have two!

~ Michelle L, ICT Co-ordinator and Acting Dept Head, St Andrews Primary


Having a printer that you never have to worry about running out of ink is great. Having one that costs a fraction of the ordinary cost of ink is just fabulous.It has enabled me to issue large numbers of preprint copies of my book at next to no cost, which means I can afford to sell them very cheaply compared to what they cost to produce by conventional means. I am enormously grateful to Blackbox Inkwell for making this great product available.

~ Andrew, Home Publisher


I am the Chair of a charity that has office premises used by many of the projects we support, and I myself work there.Getting on for two years ago we got an  amazing Black box Inkjet  printer. It has been an unqualified success. We still have not  had to replace any of the ink supply and it has needed no repairs nor maintenance.

Print speed is totally adequate for the variety of needs we have and we have done some very big print runs on it.

~ Mike L, Together for Peace, Leeds


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