Eco Friendly


Blackbox printers produce 99.8% less toner/cartridge waste

Printing 100,000 sides of paper on a colour laser printer will produce about 50kg of waste. That’s more than 100 dead toner cartridges, with all their packaging and air and road miles, from Singapore, Indonesia or China.

In contrast, the same amount of printing on a Blackbox printer will produce only about 100gm of waste. THAT’S ABOUT 99.8% LESS!

Blackbox printers use 82% less electricity

Colour laser printers typically use 36 watts in standby and 350 watts to print. Printing 10,000 sides of paper will consume about 4.1 kwh.

Printing 10,000 sides on a Blackbox printer will consume only 0.75 kwh.

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