Blackbox Inkwell is a UK company exploring the limits of inkjet printing technology. We do things that few others have thought of and do them with style, creativity and flare.

In a nutshell, we adapt and re-sell commonly available desktop and wide-format printers so that they run for a long time without needing changes of ink cartridge or toner – and at very low cost.

In the process we make the printer into a super eco-friendly device:

  • producing fewer waste by-products (toners, fusers, cartridges, packaging)
  • needing less frequent deliveries (time and vehicle miles saved)
  • wasting less paper (by being trouble free)

The Blackbox Inkwell printing system has evolved over 10 years to be a powerful and reliable product. More than 5,000,000 sides of paper have been printed using it.

Who uses Blackbox printers?
We have customers with Blackbox printers in all sorts of businesses and they are used for a wide variety of purposes such as:

  • manufacturing businesses making labels and catalogues
  • home publishing, where manuscripts are printed in small volume, in colour, and bound with perfect binding
  • telesales centres where they are used for ‘print on demand’ mailing material.
  • schools as the main office printer, as well as in classrooms

Currently we are trialing the Blackbox system scaled up to run a high street commercial printers.

In addition, wide-format Blackboxes are being used for exciting purposes. These include printing large, colourful fractals for school murals; wallpaper; novelty wrapping paper; and creating experimental, super-large colour books.

Inkjet or Laser?
While the colour laser printer market seems to have won the battle for supremacy, it’s not over for inkjets.

In fact, new technology is emerging which we think makes it almost certain that inkjet will come back and dominate the market in future: infusion papers; radically improved inks; fabrics; more powerful drivers, 3D printing and larger printheads will make inkjet the method of choice across the board.

And inkjet is inherently and substantially lower energy per page than toner based printing. While it won’t save the planet – it gives it a significant edge in the market place.

Inkjet is therefore likely to gain a bigger share of the total printing market share in the future.

At Blackbox Inkwell we are ahead of the market by bringing many of these future benefits to markets today.

We are about converting desktop and wide format inkjet printers to run on bulk ink systems that are well engineered, clean, and adapted to the workplace.

Other ink systems
There are many Chinese cheap ink systems that seem to offer cheap ways supply the printer with ink. But the use of loose ink, plastic funnels, rubber bungs, fiddly exposed tubes (not to mention poor quality engineering) make them totally unsuitable for any working or teaching environment.

We use medical grade components, good design and rugged construction to make a system that is professionally finished. They look good, reduce printing costs by as much as 80%, and also increase printer uptime by a huge amount as they have such a generous ink supply.

And they help organisations become more eco-friendly and more efficient as there is no cartridge or toner stock to go ‘walkies’ and less technical support is needed.

We offer a range of models catering for printing requirements from from A4 right up to A0.

Finally, for a limited time we are offering to convert customers existing printers to the Blackbox system. We can convert any printer that uses HP 88 or 940 cartridges. For more information, see the ‘Convert your printer‘ page .

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